I currently hold professional contracts to provide counselling, supervision and education services to several organisations, both on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.  These include

Noosa Care Inc (Carramar & Kabara)

Sunshine Coast Community Hospice (Katie Rose Cottage)

Blackall Range Care Group

Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland

Embracia in Woodford


Clients continue to testify to my helpfulness and what value they have gained from accessing my services.  I have a calm, present, non-judgmental manner and offer a safe, validating place for people to share their heart, mind and spirit. 

 Here are a few testimonies of my services:

We need more people out there like you, Monika – someone wiling to do this important work.  Because of you I have moved past my identity crisis, healed my relationship with my mother, and now am finding peace inside myself, beyond this sick and dying body.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  I just wish every person who is dying could have you by their side.

The most important thing you have given me, Monika, is the freedom to grieve.  You don’t try and fix me or cheer me up.  This is so important to me after the death of my child.

Something about you means that I feel able to talk about the longings of my heart straight away.  And I could listen to your voice all day.  Can you tape it for me?

What I liked the most was your depth of knowledge, passion for the topic and ability to communicate it.

Thank you so much for giving me permission to grieve for my sister.  I feel relief that I can continue my grief without guilt and worry that I am feeling the wrong things.  I so very much enjoyed the experience.  It was transformative for me. 

How truly collaborative Monika was and very respectful in her responses to us … you are truly inspirational.

What helped me the most was … Monika, your enormous capacity to demonstrate connectedness … sensitively and articulately.

Superb! Everything you say has great depth, meaning and can be easily drawn upon.

Your non-judgemental approach – fantastic … have rarely experienced this before from a presenter.

This workshop needs to go public.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I now feel more able to talk to people about dying.

You are a great speaker.  Could have more workshops with her about anything!

I liked your way of teaching … your energy is very calming, caring and being.

I feel really lucky to have been included in this training and to have had the opportunity to meet a wonderful person who had a massive impact on me personally.  You are the best teacher I’ve ever come across.  I wish there were others so aware and generous as you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet spoken power of the presenter.

I have been through psychologist after psychologist for years, and you are the first one who has helped me feel optimistic about my future.  I’m blown away by that.

Thank you for coming to see J last week … you are welcomed as an immense comfort to J and I and we are very grateful for your time, your courage and support.  The discussion was of “enlightenment” proportions for us as you talked us through the practical pros and cons … and the concept of “dying well” has never occurred or been approached by any of us, yet J remarked later how she felt the suggestion to think about that aspect of her illness to somehow be a positive factor in her thought processes. After dinner that night, J quietly sat and read all of the literature you left with her, and again she remarked that it was the best written presentation and explanation of the topic that “didn’t frighten the socks off me”. Afterwards J calmly discussed the matter with me and she has decided to trial the … subject to test results next week.  Well, the log jam as I so crudely put it, has been freed, and it seems the unwelcome elephant in our lives is not so huge, menacing and terribly frightening as before. Somehow J and I seem to be able to at least broach the subject of dying amongst ourselves now if/when we feel the need and that is a huge step forward in helping J, indeed all of us along this path. Thank you Monika … thank you … we are truly grateful for your wisdom and your very considerate presentation.

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