Applied Ethics



Whilst immersed in the academic field I carried out two research projects.  The first was a small honours project which explored the identity changes people went through as they were dying.  It was very difficult to obtain ethics clearance from the university to interview dying people.  I am proud to say that I was awarded the Queensland University of Technology medal in 2002 for this research.

This thesis can be read in full here: Honours ReStorying the Dying Self

The next research study I conducted was a doctoral thesis which critically explored the ethical dimension of how we care for people who are dying.  This research produced an ethical framework – A Relational Ethic of Accompanying – which can provide important guidance to professionals reflecting on how best to provide quality, compassionate and ethical care at the end of life.  This research was awarded the Ian Maddocks Guest Lecture at the 2009 International Palliative Care Conference as the most outstanding research conducted by someone in Australia under the age of 40.  

This thesis can be read in full at:

The Palliative Care Conference presentation powerpoint can be accessed here:

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