End of Life Consultancy

Dying Well

However strange this might sound, you might find yourself in need of a consultancy service for the end of life.  We will all get to this point for ourselves and our loved ones.  There is no cure for dying and death.  But our society doesn’t prepare us for how to do it. 

This consultancy service might include just general information provision, future health care planning, ethical decision making, assistance with legal documents, understanding of health care options, looking at choices for how the process of dying can be done, and assisted conversations about living and dying well … a sort of friendly ‘guide’, if you like, to enable you to live the last chapter of your life fully.  

This also includes learning how to adapt to the changes in your self, self image/identity and self relationship.  For example, who am I now, when I am unable to move and do?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to talk further.

We put so much effort into learning about how to give birth and bring forth new life, yet we do little to prepare ourselves for leaving life … and understanding that we can do it well, without fear and suffering.


Perhaps you might like to have a look at this list of questions (attachment below) to consider what your ‘recipe’ of dying well might look like:

My Recipe for Dying Well

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