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Advance Care Planning

This site is helpful for information about advance care planning.  It has direct links to legal forms such as Advance Health Directives and Enduring Power of Attorney.  Simply enter in your State for the appropriate legislation/forms.

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All About Grief

I love this web site by Doris Zagdanski.  It’s got easy to follow and accurate information, free resource sheets and books to buy.  In particular the book entitled ’33 things to say to someone who is grieving’ is my favourite book to give out to people.  It’s simple, but incredibly effective in explaining how to respond to others who are grieving.

Dying Matters

This web page is a UK site dedicated to all matters ‘taking about dying’.  It has some great resources on it to assist you to open up conversations about dying with your loved ones and amazing videos to assist our understandings.  I wish we had this sort of open approach and resources here in Australia. 


Please help yourself to this handy funeral planning sheet.  It’s useful to direct conversation and questions about planning for a funeral, memorial or ritual/service of whatever shape you are hoping for.  Fill one out either by yourself or with your loved ones, and then let people know where it is, or photocopy it and give it to a friend.

Funeral Planning Form




dying well


Consider what dying well means to you by considering the questions on this sheet (link below).  Perhaps complete it as a meditative task, imagining your preferred end of life scenario.  These are the specific questions and details not outlined on an Advance Heath Directive form.  Again, use as a conversation tool, or fill out by yourself, photocopy, share, file away.

My Recipe for Dying Well