Public Speaking



Over the years I have spoken publicly on a range of topics.  I am one of those rare people who actually takes pleasure in speaking in public.  When I speak, no matter what the topic, I am able to speak with integrity and honesty, often about matters which are neglected, yet valuable.  I create a reflective space and also engage the audience in conversation.  I have a voice that is both calming and powerful.

The topics that I currently speak on include

Loss in life and living your grieving

The loss of a beloved pet

Ethics at the end of life and the issue of euthanasia

The complexities of end of life care

Enhancing our spiritual health

Identifying our hindrances to spiritual health

Developing spiritual language, maps and practices

Advance care planning and initiating conversations about dying

Re-examining our communication skills

Re-storying our self and life: what stories are you stuck in?

Managing expectations and developing self care practices

Living and dying well

I’m not a victim: How not to play psychological games

Identifying and managing the ego within

Befriending your emotional self

Reducing excessive thinking syndrome

Mental health: What is it and how do I get it?


Please call me and we can discuss further your ideas, requirements and payment options.

“Well presented and understood”

“A wonderful speaker. Thank you”

“Fantastic speaker, excellent session, very interactive”

“More about this topic is needed, and especially by someone like Monika”