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My name is Monika Wilson and I carry out the roles of counsellor and teacher.

I offer services to assist people, such as yourself, who might have experienced chaotic changes in your life like illness, loss, trauma, abuse, depression or anxiety, or perhaps the death of a loved one, to locate within yourself healing, adjustment and resources, integration and, most of all, inner peace and contentment.

I appreciate that life always holds the dual possibilities of unwanted chaotic changes and, at the same time, initiated changes of awakening and transformation.



IMG_3892My services are underpinned by a deep understanding of the inevitability of change and the natural, cyclical journey of life and death.  My passion and hope is to assist you to acknowledge losses, heal your grief, adapt to change, transform yourself, find new forms of quality and meaning in your life, and most especially, locate inner peace and possibilities beyond fear.

I value interconnectedness and integration, equanimity and equilibrium, spirituality and sacredness, calmness and stillness, and working with people from a base of compassionate love and an ethic of service.


Neurologically Informed Therapy

Recently, like many other professionals, I have been drawn into the world of neuroscience, learning more about the understandings of the human mind, the brain and nervous system, and what research is showing us about these complex aspects of ourselves.  We now know that the brain can change itself and the ‘talk therapies’ such as what I provide are pivotal in assisting these changes in the neural wiring in our brains.  I have been studying Interpersonal Neurobiology and Neuropsychotherapy and this means that I can be more effective in the counselling process … assisting you to learn more about how your mind works and how it can be changed.brain

ACT: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

I am a qualified ACT therapist and have undertaken the training necessary for this amazing approach to life and change.  ACT is about taking action, but values driven action.  It asks the questions: am I present, am I open, and am I doing what matters?  This approach is about accepting what is out of your personal control, and committing to taking action that enriches your life.  It is an evidence based therapeutic approach that is gaining in popularity around the world and assists with anxiety, depression and PTSD.  It necessarily includes the practices of mindfulness, of which I am a competent teacher in.  ACT helps us to develop psychological flexibility and a toward approach to uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, thereby assisting us to develop a more balanced approach to life.

Loss, Grief & Bereavement Counselling

All of us during our life time experience loss, sometimes a lot all at once!  Losses can include retrenchment or I sat down and weptretirement, change of house or location, older children leaving home, divorce, the devastating loss of a beloved family pet, loss of health and independence.  In truth, as life includes change, it will inevitably include loss.  From loss, we experience a unique set of reactions called ‘grief’.  In grief counselling we, firstly, stand still with your loss.  Then we can learn more about your grief – what’s it like? In learning what grief is like, we value its function, and then are better placed to integrate it into our lives … to adjust to living with grief.


Palliative & End of Life Care Counselling

patient-palliative_1After a decade spent working in the end of life and palliative care field, I would be equipped to assist you to negotiate this most trying of times.  This might include the obvious difficulties of negotiating the terrain of the medical network, information about options or about strategies for coping and adjusting.  Or, perhaps, it might be about the more subtle assistance required at this time in the form of healing relationships, tying up loose ends, adjusting your sense of identity, and surrendering the the great unknown.  A qualified and sensitive companion, such as myself, during this time can make such a difference.


Spiritual Counselling & Teaching

The notion of spirituality means so many things to each person.  Initially, a spiritual counselling  session would include working together to iStock_000002270260XSmalllocate your language and meanings of spirituality that work best for you.  This provides a template, like a road map, for then developing practices of your choice that will enable you to grow your spiritual health and to make spirit a tangible and priceless part of your everyday life and who you are.

Workshops & Education

I offer both professional education and self development workshops.  Over years of accumulated teaching experiences I have located a way of assisting people to learn through greater awareness, offering information and knowledge and practicing skills.  Each theme or topic is offered in genuine, honest, humorous and quality ways.

In Your Home, Residential Care, or at Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The services I provide, including loss, grief and bereavement counselling, are available to all people on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland region.  I provide a unique, flexible mobile service – coming to your home, if you wish, thereby offering you convenience, comfort and safety.  Also, I have a counselling room in Maleny – a well known place for its community feel, wonderful shops and cafes, a magical drive through the hinterland.  Coming to me in Maleny means that you can add to your therapeutic experience the benefits of a mini-holiday or day out.

I am available Monday to Saturday, and am able to provide flexibility of appointment times if you have employment or school hour commitments.

My fee is a flat rate of $70 per session for counselling and no GP visit or referral is needed.  Supervision is $90 per session.

Please feel welcomed to telephone me on 0413 962 899 if you wish to have a chat, ask a question or make an appointment time.  Or you can email me on monika@reconnectionscounselling.com

I hope I may be of service to you and I wish you great healing and peace.

May all beings be happy!


BSocSc BA(Hons) MCouns PhD

Member Australian Counsellors Association – Level 4

Member Australian College of Supervisors

Member Aust Centre for Grief & Bereavement



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